panorama van de Congostroom die meandert door het evenaarswoud -- vue sur le Fleuve Congo qui traverse la forêt équatoriale -- panorama of the Congo stream that meanders through the equatorial forest             


Please, note following dates in your agenda, of the Nkonga-Ufd activities which might be of interest for you :

  1. January 26th 2019 New Years reception at "Wijkcentrum Mariaburg" in Antwerpen. (Clic on the date for more news)
  2. On November 2nd 2019 we will have a Congo-day at "Het Entrepot" in Bruges. Later this year we will update you about this event.

As we did last year for the first time, we are now able to offer you our new annual report 2017 on-line. It is published in pdf format and you can easily download it for later consultation or for reading immediately on you screen.

The new annual report relates our activities and financials over 2017, and is only available in French.

You will find all the annual reports in the menu on the right side of the screen under "Reports".


Later this year the popular browser CHROME is going to indicate all websites invoked by as "UNSAFE".  All safe websites need from than on to be preceded by https:// 

We have now taken the necessary measures for your safety as surfer and visitor of our site.  You will see from now on that the domainname of our site is preceded by https:// and before it you will note the little lock to indicate that visiting our site is safe.

All other webbrowsers will certainly follow the CHROME example in future, so you can be sure and continue safely surfing on our site without annoying messages.


Speaking about the the goals of our association, we propose you to watch the following YouTube video, in which Chantal Kabangu, our president, together with other representatives from Provinces over the Democratic Republic of Congo are questioned about their engagement in agriculture in a "Plaidoyer des producteurs agricoles en RDC" (Advocacy of agricultural producers in RDC).  Clic here to watch the video on YouTube.


For the first time we are able to offer you our annual reports on-line.  They are published in pdf format and you can easily download them for later consultation or read immediately on you screen.

The first available annual report is that concerning our activities and financials over 2016, and is only available in French.  In the future we hope to be able to offer translations in French and Dutch, the two other languages of our website, but for the moment we lack enough and qualified man- or womencraft for the translations.

You will find the annual reports in the menu on the right side of the screen under "reports".


Our website is still under construction and constantly new menu items and new or modified artikels will be added.

  1. First, we have published a complete list of partner-associations.  You find this list under menu LINKS.  Together with the names of the partners you find a link to their website and their logo for e better recognition.
  2. Under the menu HELP US we added the BIC code (Bank Identifier Code) of our account number, so that foreign visitors willing to donate can easily fill out their banktransfer.
  3. Under the HOME-menu we added a submenu REPORTS. In that submenu you will find all our reports, the first one is our January 2017 activity report (only available in French) with a complete overview of our projects and actions in 2016, together with a financial reporting.  If you would like to read or download this report immediately: clic here.

What we are going to show you on this site ?

First of all we like to gather more public awareness through this site, therefore we have opted for a multilingual site. 

NKONGA - UNION DES FEMMES POUR LE DEVELOPPEMENT (Association of women for development) wants to collect on a large scale (financial) help in favour of its initiatives and projects already ongoing and to be launched in the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo). Therefore various fundraising and other actions will be organised in Belgium and abroad.  We will frequently update you about our various actions and initiatives through this medium.

Read more about us in the different menus and submenus..

It took us a certain time, but eventually we succeeded in constructing a multi-language website and we're proud of it.   You can explore this site in 3 languages:  English, French en Flemish (because our main funding comes form Flanders.  You only have to click on a language icon on the right side to change the language of menus and articles.

We sincerely hope you will also enjoy it whilst exploring:  go on!!

How do you like our logo?

Isn't it representative for the power of African women?