panorama van de Congostroom die meandert door het evenaarswoud -- vue sur le Fleuve Congo qui traverse la forêt équatoriale -- panorama of the Congo stream that meanders through the equatorial forest             


Association Belgium Congo - 11.11.11.  2020 campaign


First and foremost, we want to encourage women to be active in development. For themselves and their country (Congo and / or Belgium). And this in the first place through training: for modern family farming, processing into quality food and other activities that yield profit and lift the woman and her family out of poverty. We support the creation of women's and farmers' organizations through "remote support" and 1 to 2 visits a year to Bandundu. In Antwerp we work on the integration of African women in the Flemish Community.


"ABC", Association Belgium Congo, originated about 5 years ago from a group of mothers of the Congolese diaspora from Antwerp. This was a talking and solidarity group. ABC has now evolved into a de facto association. This year we want to become a non-profit organization. Recently we also became a member of the 4th Pillar platform of 11.11.11.


  • Agro-forestry; forest conservation of the tropical rainforest and new plantations that border the fields.
  • Seeds for existing crops such as manioc, groundnut, maize, ciboules, ngai ngai, bitekuteku, tomatoes, aubergines, peppers, soy, QPM corn (non-GMO)
  • Training on the field by a team of agronomists. Guidance in family farming and the construction of test fields, some of which with combination crops.


Local group in Bandundu-ville which includes 2 agricultural experts (agronomists) as well as 2 farmers leaders from the nearby village of Mushie Pentane. BandunduThe group “OPA Mushie Pentane” (Organization des Producteurs Agricoles) currently consists of 10 farming families, who have their own fields and who also work together on the common concession.   A meeting for all members is convened prior to important decisions. All problems and solutions are collected and a plan-of-approach is drawn up on the basis of this.


"Malnutrition" was put forward as a problem by the Congolese. Many children suffer from chronic malnutrition, especially a lack of protein. This should be remedied by more variety in the daily menu. Crops that contain a lot of protein, such as soy and corn, are cultivated. The aim is also to create a test field of QPM (Quality Protein Maize = refined Maize). Bandundu construction stockageDemonstrations will be given to prepare a daily healthy broth. For example, more children will receive at least one healthy meal every day.


Transparency is very important to us. The accounting may be simple, but it is especially important that the money ends up where it should go. We regularly communicate with 2 managers in Bandundu via WhatsApp or mail. Our intention is to give a few more people a mobile phone for even better communication. All invoices and receipts are kept in Bandundu-ville.


ABC organises information stands several times a year with African food and ditto information. For example, we participate in Borgerrio, Mariaburgse Feesten, Mabatobato, VreemdeTafels ... We also participate in activities of the federation FMDO (Federation of Global and Democratic Organizations).


Within the framework of FMDO, we have started bringing together those organizations of the diaspora that are active in DC (Devolpment Cooperation). We also have a collaboration with VZW SOLFA (Solidarité Femmes Africaines), where some people from Bandundu can do an internship at SOLFA- project in Kisantu, Bas-Congo. We are still looking to cooperate with the agricultural syndicate CONAPAC RDC, possibly also with Belgian NGOs that are present on site.


Some ABC board members take training courses at AROSA (Antwerp Council for Development Cooperation) and FMDO. Our project manager is requesting to follow a refresher course PCM (Project Cycle Management) at 11.11.11.

SUPPORT 11.11.11. Campaign

In the past, a few members have participated in the 11.11.11. Campaign. As a number of members are recognized refugees, they are also sensitive to that theme. Our secretary was also present at the meeting of Congolese-Belgians on January 25, 2020 in the Flemish-African House in Brussels. ABC also participated in the Inter-Congolese Dialogue of the Province of West Flanders on February 8, 2020.