panorama van de Congostroom die meandert door het evenaarswoud -- vue sur le Fleuve Congo qui traverse la forêt équatoriale -- panorama of the Congo stream that meanders through the equatorial forest             


ISTACHA Kimpese is a new project that ABC-Synergie likes to support.

This is a new project that ABC (Belgium Congo Association) from Antwerp will sponsor.

ABC will seek the support of individuals and may request a grant from the City of Antwerp.

A presentation of this Kimpese project, in Bas-Congo, now "Congo Central", is proposed by a YouTube movie. This four minute film tells the story of this project:

The title of the movie is "Top Manager"


The objective of the project is of course: to achieve food security for the local population.

Click on the link to the right to watch the YouTube video (French spoken): Top Manager - Kimpese, RDC

The Top Manager involved is the local inspirational force behind this agro-economic-educational project: Brother Charles.